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“The future of shopping” is what Zbiddy.com calls themselves. They claim that they are an exclusive shopping environment that focuses mainly on American customers, but is expanding to other countries as well.

“Bid, Win, Save” is their slogan, and it sound simple enough. Is it though? Lets take a look at some of the things to consider before registering with Zbiddy.com.

zbiddy homepage

Zbiddy is also a very user friendly site, although it does have more links on its home page than other penny auctions. Everything is nicely organized and easy to find. There are six tabs on the home page that clearly lay everything out.

The privacy policy is short and simple. Everything is written very clearly in a way that everyone who will be looking at it, will understand.

It also features a live chat section, which are not featured often on penny auction sites.

On the top right side of the home page, they have a “product categories” tab. You can click on it and all 23 tabs drop down. They have a wide selection of all types items to look at, including a mystery box!

Zbiddy has a lot of helpful information all through out their site. There is a section filled with tips for bidding. It has 10 tips from their staff that they thought you would find helpful. You will also find a great FAQ section which cover things such as payment, privacy policy, shipping and returns, biddings, auctions, and more. They do accept Visa, Master Card, and Discover.

Zbiddy also has a limit to winning auctions. There are five categories that they have broken down winnings into. Two of them are: “Only 5 wins allowed per day on auctions with a retail value less than $199. Only 1 win allowed per 28 days on auctions with a retail value of $999.”

This site is very user friendly, its easy to find whatever you are looking for and it has great tips, video clips, and pictures to help you figure everything out.

Zbiddy has a wide range of items to choose from. Some penny auctions seem to focus mostly on electronic items and accessories. Here at Zbiddy you will find many categories to choose from, such as; electronic readers, gift cards, GPS, home and garden, kids and games, laptops, sports gear, TVs and videos. Within those categories you will find interesting items such as; hotel cash cards, Amazon gift card and cruise, vacation cash, memory cards, magazine subscriptions, kitchen knives, mystery box, and packaged bids, just to list a few. Premium items include Nintendo Wiis, Play Stations, flat screen televisions, laptops, desktops, cameras, sports tickets, event tickets, and even Cars.

Zbiddy is a safe and secure site. At the bottom of the right corner on the home page they advertise 100% satisfaction guaranteed and McAfee Secure.

In the privacy policy they layout all the information that they request from you, in bullet form, so that there are no surprises. They list twelve items that they request, all of which are absolutely reasonable. They also clearly lay out what they will use this information for, which also were all reasonable. They are not selling your information to other parties.

There site clearly states that they follow the CAN-SPAM act. You may also opt out of offers anytime from their website.


They have four different types of auctions: free to bid, beginner, nail bitter, and penny auction. Free to bid is an auction just like a penny auction, but no bids are charged to your account. Beginner auctions are only for those who have not won an auction yet. Nail bitter auctions are where you can only place manual bids. You can not use the EZ-Buddy function. Lastly, the penny auction is your standard penny auction.

Winning is simple. First register for free with the site, purchase your bids, pick an auction, bid and win. Every time a bid is placed when the timer is below 15 seconds, it will reset back to 15 seconds in order to give everyone an equal opportunity.

Zbiddy's Spin the wheel feature

Zbiddy’s Spin the wheel feature


‘Spin the wheel’ is a feature that is unique to Zbiddy.com. As long as you are a registered member to the site it is free.

You are able to spin their wheel once a day to win free bids. It shows you your wins and other member’s wins.

We think this is one of the best features that we have come across, you are guaranteed to win at the very least 1 bid per day and the chances are you will win 5 or more at the very least.


Cost per bid

Bids cost is advertised as $0.60 a bid and are bought in packages.


Zbiddy only ships to the USA, but shows a list of upcoming countries. Shipping and handling are an additional charge to you. To find out the cost, just click on the item you are interested in, and scroll down to the bottom of the details. It is important to consider this when beginning to bid on an item.
Customer Service
The contact us page has three sections: How can we help you, Live Help, and Submit a report request. This is great because they feature a live chat section, which is always nice. They are open Mon-Sat 9-6PM CST, which makes them easy to get a hold of.

With four different types of auctions, ‘Spin to Win’ free bids, free registration and a huge variety of auction items. They provide great security and don’t sell your information. You can join for free and cancel at anytime. The website provides great tip to help. If you have any questions there is a live chat to answer them. It is a very user-friendly site, and well worth your time. Overall, Zbiddy also ranks in high as a great choice for a penny auction.

Editor’s Rating
Ease Of Use
Interface Is Simple And Easy To Use
Cost Of Bids
$0.60 Is Below The Average
Choice Of Items
Great Choice Of Items Due To The Size Of Zbiddy
Customer Service
The Best We’ve Come Across, Includes Live Chat
Good Delivery Speed, USA Only.
Ease Of Winning
Separate Auctions For Beginners

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