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Madbid is one of the most well known penny auction sites out there. But, does that mean it’s the best? In this review you will find out just how easy it is to win on Madbid, including features, delivery speeds and what to look out for.


Starting off with the adverts… and there are MANY, it looks as if it’s too good to be true at first – a top of the range camera worth over £500 selling for just £64? Please. Whilst that is possible and we have saved that amount before on madbid, the chances are that you won’t get it for THAT cheap. But you can still save a ton of money on Madbid and you will find out why just by reading this madbid review.

Before we begin it’s important to know that you shouldn’t  join madbid on the presumption that you are going to be saving over £400 on certain items because in reality and when it comes down to the auction… you will just be outbid. This doesn’t just go for madbid of course, it goes for every penny auction site out there.

How does it work?

Madbid is a penny auction site and what that basically means is that it is similar to other auction sites such as ebay but very different if that makes sense.

In a nutshell – an item will be put up for sale and you can choose if you want to place bids on it BUT and here comes the neat bit, on a penny auctions site there will be time limits for every item you see, if you are the winning bidder when the time runs out then you have won the item and you should receive it in no longer than 2 weeks. This bidding model has proven to be very popular and has led to consumers (including us!) winning items  for a fraction of their retail price.


This question is what the majority of people want to know before joining madbid and one thing is for certain… Madbid is certainly not a scam. We and people we know have won tons of items from madbid and we still continue to use it as of us writing this.

The fact of the matter is many people see the advertisements that these penny auction sites use, and they believe that it seems too good to be true, you just have to make sure you do a bit of research like reading our tips and strategies guide and be more careful on how you place your bids. There will always be an element of risk when it comes to penny auctions however this does mean that the sites are scams.



The majority of penny auction sites can be quite hard to navigate around but with madbid, everything is very simple and easy to use, nothing fancy and over the top – which in our opinion is perfect for a penny auction site. The way that madbid displays the auctions is superb and very clean, all the information you need on the auction is displayed very well so you know exactly what price it is and how much time is remaining – perfect, no problems here.


Like many penny auction sites, the features play a key part when it comes to winning. Madbid have 8 officially recognized features, some of which… are great, and others… not so much. So lets dive right in!

First there is the buy it now feature:

“This is an awesome money saving feature. It counts all of the Paid Credits you spend in the auction so you can still purchase the product using the paid credits you placed in the auction. For example: A phone’s Buy Now price is £100 – you spend £40 worth of credits in the auction = Total to pay using the Buy Now feature =£60!”
Source – Madbid

The buy it now feature is becoming very common among penny auctions these days. And this is a sight we a glad to see because the buy it now option can save you a ton of money in some cases. An example of this could be – you see a HDTV that you really like and you start bidding, you place 70-80 bids but you still lose. However, you then have the ability to choose the ‘buy it now’ option which will take the 70-80 bids out of the price.

To learn more about the buy it now feature check out are recent post -

“Buy it now” options can be a great choice for bidders. I would recommend that you should only bid on sites that offer this, as well as only items that are available with these options. It gives you that extra cushion in case things go wrong.
Source –

“Buy it now” options can be a great choice for bidders. I would recommend that you should only bid on sites that offer this, as well as only items that are available with these options. It gives you that extra cushion in case things go wrong.

Other features include “Auction Peeks” and “Sneak-a-peak” both of which we found to be pretty underwhelming features. The auction peeks feature allows you to see the last 24 hour bidding history which can be useful in some cases. The sneak a peak feature lets you look at a user’s stats like when they bid, what they bid on how they bid, and what they win. Again, this can sometimes be useful but since you have to pay to use both these features we wouldn’t recommend them.


Payment & Delivery

Madbid is one of the few penny auction sites that have good, fast, reliable delivery. From the times that we’ve won auctions on madbid, we usually get the item in no less than a week. The longest we had to wait was 15 days but that was for a 48″ Flatscreen television.

“We aim to deliver all purchases within 2-3 working days after payment, but please allow up to 10 days. As we use a number of suppliers, order processing times vary, so 10 days gives us enough time to make sure your purchases get to you. Any exceptions to this timescale will be listed on the Auction Details of the individual product.”
Source – Madbid

Less then 2 weeks is exceptionally good for a penny auction site, we haven’t come across a site that delivers items faster then madbid. But it gets better… without a doubt one of  the best feature’s that madbid has to offer is the rush delivery option. This basically means that your item has priority and will be sent asap. However, there is a catch – you have to be a level 3 user. But it doesn’t take too long to acquire that status depending on how active you are on the site. We think this is a fantastic option, if you are winning items regularly then this makes a good difference.

Madbid’s payment options are also very convenient as you have many different gateways to choose from such as paypal, credit/debit card lickandbuy, Ukas etc.


So in conclusion to this madbid review as far as penny auction site’s goes… one thing is for sure – Madbid is one of the good guys. Could you find better bargains on other penny auction sites? possibly. Would they be as safe and secure? probably not. If you’re looking to dive into penny auctions than madbid is a very good place to start, it’s safe, easy to use, and most importantly… you can get some absolute bargains!

Hope you enjoyed this madbid review, please share your thoughts by posting a comment below.

Last Reviewed by Penny Decider on January 26 2013
Rating: 4.25

Editor’s Rating
Ease Of Use
Very Simple & Clean Interface
Cost Of Bids
$0.12 Per Bid + Great Discounts For Multibuys
Choice Of Items
Cars, Games, Gym Equipment, Madbid Has Some Great Items
Customer Service
Online Chat Is Often Offline
Very Good Delivery With Turbo Speed Options
Ease Of Winning
Userbase consists mainly of UK users. Competition is less fierce.

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  1. Default avatar Peter Jones says:

    I’ve been an avid member of not just Madbid but many other penny auction sites over this last year and I’ve had some great success.

    Although I’ve won some great bargains from american penny auction sites such as Beezid and Quibids, nothing compares to what I have won on Madbid, maybe because the competition is less saturated then other sites, I’m not so sure.

    All I can say is that when I bid for items, I get a lot less bidders on Madbid then I do on… say Beezid.

    A great tip is – Don’t bid for very popular items such as televisions or Ipads etc, chances are you will get outbid quite a lot on those.

    Madbid is a great site, probably my favorite penny auction site in fact. You can defiantly win as long as you be careful on what you bid on.


  2. Default avatar Michele A says:

    I’ve been using Madbid for a little while now and I think its probably up there with my favorites.

    It isn’t too different to other penny auction sites but I find my self winning so much more often on Madbid and to be honest the only reason I can say why is because there is less bidders…

    As Madbid is a European site only it seems (I’m from UK) there is less competition for items.

    I have won items on Madbid so this site defiantly doesn’t scam!

  3. Custom avatar Dom says:

    Listen here guys, many penny auction sites are too good to be true to be honest… The big sites such as Quibids and Beezid etc are very hard to win items on, whether that’s due to the amount of competition I don’t know.

    However I’ve been using Madbid for the last couple of months and I think it’s AWESOME! Like Michele said… You stand a much greater chance of winning items then you would on other penny auction sites, although you gotta live in europe which would probably explain why it seems to be easier.

    Highly recommend Madbid guys! I doubt you will win as often on other penny auction sites!

  4. Custom avatar Hawk says:
    Ease Of Use
    Cost Of Bids
    Choice Of Items
    Customer Service
    Ease Of Winning

    I agree with most, winning items seems easier on Madbid then other penny auction sites which is what is important.

    But what is really cool about madbid is that they are one of the few penny auction sites that actually lists cars. Although I aint won one yet lol, everyone seems to bid on them.

    Heres a great tip though, when madbid does list a car or similar high ticket item, bid on something else! literally 80% of the site will be focusing on the car, works great.

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