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Beezid is a relatively new penny auction site, founded back in 2009 yet it is currently one of the biggest penny auction sites on the internet. Mainly down to the huge advertising campaign that they have been using upon most of the popular social networking sites such as facebook and twitter.

It goes without saying that Beezid is certainly one of the main players in this growing industry but does it live up to it’s hype? carry on reading this beezid review to find out.


We’ve actually been testing Beezid for over a year now and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular, there is a huge amount of items up for auction and the interface is very clean. Although a big negative we found with Beezid is that they have a very big userbase, and the problem with that is the sheer amount of competition you will have. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to win, you need just need to seperate yourself from the other bidders and get yourself a good strategy.


There are multiple features on Beezid, however the majority of them can be found on almost all of the penny auction sites so we will only mention the two unique tools that Beezid offers.

  • Auto Beezid¬† – The name sums it up, this neat little feature can bid FOR you even if you are no way near Internet access. But before you think “That could bid hundreds more than I want it to” there is no need to worry because there are multiple settings which allow you to set exactly how much you want to spend, not a penny over… not a penny less.
  • Beezid Sniper – This actually works along side autobeezid, what I mean by that is when you set your price limit and the auction doesn’t reach that limit, then beezid sniper takes over. There are multiple tutorials on how to use Beezid sniper on the site.

With the right strategy in place, these two little tools can really go along way in getting you some great bargains.


It goes without saying that many penny auction sites these days aren’t trustworthy and you have to be very careful. However, this is mainly the case with the smaller penny auction websites out there. As Beezid is one of the leading penny auction sites in the industry they wouldn’t risk their reputation. We’ve won more items than we can remember on Beezid, some of them we could of probably got cheaper from a high street retailer… but the majority of the items that we won, we got for atleast half the RRP.


Beezid’s interface is defiantly on par with the other top penny auction sites, it’s simple and easy enough to read all the important details. As far as aesthetics go… We’ve seen much better but ultimately the looks aren’t that necessary. The most important thing here is that the interface isn’t going to interfere with your bidding.

What type of products are available?

This is defiantly where Beezid has the edge over it’s competitors. Because of the sheer size of beezid, the number of items up for auction is immense. Now of course the competition aspect does come into things… Don’t just go straight for the 48″ flatscreen television straight away because that’s what everyone else will be doing.

Here is a few examples of some of the items I’ve seen up for auction on beezid:

  • Televisions – All types including; LCD, Plasma, 3D
  • Gaming Consoles – Ps3, Xbox, Wii & more
  • Computers & laptops
  • Stereo Systems
  • Brand new cars – I haven’t seen as many cars on other penny auction sites then I have on Beezid
  • Ipads, Iphones
  • Books
  • Desks, Furniture
  • Drills, DIY tools
  • Cameras – Actually got my Canon EOS 60D camera worth over $500 for $50.98 on Beezid
  • Dvds, Games
  • Exercise equipment – treadmills, dumbbells etc

This is just a fraction of the items that I’ve seen up for auction on Beezid, chances are they will have what you are looking for which is my opinion is a deciding factor.


Now We’ve been full of praise for Beezid so far but if there is any criticism that I would give them it is the way they ship your items. Unlike other penny auction sites, Beezid actually gets the supplier to ship the item to you… which is fine, but it takes almost twice as long. The longest We’ve had to wait for an item was a little over 3 weeks but it was a large treadmill.

Another thing I don’t like is because your auction is put through to the supplier… If they don’t have your order in stock or it isn’t made anymore, than they will send you a similar item with the same value. Now, We’ve never had this problem but it’s important to know that this is a possibility.


We’ve been very impressed by Beezid, its hard to find too many negative points about the site which is always a good thing. The reality is that because Beezid is so well – known and it’s userbase is one of the biggest there is… Finding a bargain is going to be tougher than most but not impossible. If you are new to penny auctions than it is a great place to start.

Thanks for reading this beezid review, if you want to widen your options than take a look at my madbid review.

Editor’s Rating
Ease Of Use
Simple & Aesthetically Pleasing
Cost Of Bids
Starting From $0.55, Beezid Is Among The Cheapest Available
Choice Of Items
Hundreds Of Items To Choose From
Customer Service
No Live Support
2 Weeks Waiting Time, Refunds Available.
Ease Of Winning
Large Number Of Users Increases Competition.

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  1. Default avatar Colin says:

    Three weeks for a treadmill? That sounds pretty good to me! ;)
    This is actually the site I have had the best success with. Friendly people at cs, really good at what they do. Always get my stuff in a reasonable amount of time. Recommend!

  2. Default avatar Michael J says:
    Ease Of Use
    Cost Of Bids
    Choice Of Items
    Customer Service
    Ease Of Winning Not Rated

    Beezid is a pretty good site imo, They are certainly not a scam as I’ve won quite a few auctions on there.

    However your right in saying that because the beezid userbase is so big that there is a lot more competition.

    What I do is play very early in the morning… on big penny auction sites such as beezid this works wonders.

    Keep in mind though that probably atleast 50% of the userbase on Beezid is from the united states so you may need to check a world clock to see what time it would be over there.